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Multi-stakeholder Cooperation Design and Relationships Building for a Thriving Future

Let’s build a Better Future, Together.

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I help facilitate dialogues and design multi-stakeholders relationships.

I help tech startups, entrepreneurs, scientists, and forward thinkers build meaningful, creative, and long-lasting relationships by facilitating purpose alignment and resilient cooperation building, and by helping business partners overcome challenging conflicts.

Specialised Contract Drafting

Open Source cooperation, Founders Agreements, Licensing and Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Legal documents for Collaboration.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Mediating disputes between Founders or Partners, Helping with Negotiations and Challenging conversations during partnerships or collaboration building efforts, Facilitating multi-disciplinary meetings on complex matters.

Collaboration Facilitator

Facilitate open conversations between potential partners, provide collaboration tools allowing the creation of resilient conditions for long-lasting relationships.

Building the Future together

I work closely with startups, innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs by facilitating the integration of different perspectives, resolve differences, create trust and goal alignment in business relationships and by providing them with tools for successful, resilient, and long-lasting collaborations.

Relationships in innovation are complex, often dealing with ownership challenges, different perspectives on how to solve a problem, opposing views on what the success and the purpose of a project mean.

I have several years of experience working closely with entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, startup founders and innovators. The assistance I offer them includes the following:

  • Conflict Resolution through one day Mediation (also online)
  • Help parties draft settlement agreements following mediation
  • Support challenging partnership negotiations
  • Facilitate difficult conversations over topics such as ownership, trust and opposing goals
  • Engage in early conversations between startup founders to build the right conditions for a resilient, effective and successful relationship
  • Teaching practices to overcome recurrent inter-personal conflicts
  • Training on perspective taking, including seeking other points of view, and active listening
  • Coach founders and entrepreneurs on how to develop their purpose and vision through personal development processes
  • Provide on-going guidance and support on existing collaboration building efforts and help draft conditions for partnerships agreements

About Me

Alessandro Mazzi

Alessandro Mazzi

I am a Certified Mediator, Coach, Collaboration Facilitator and Legal Consultant with wide interests ranging from multi-disciplinary learning, the role of technology in human evolution, biology and complexity and the potential for novelty emerging from collective intelligence. Before starting my own business, I have worked for international law firms in China and Australia where he focused on international dispute resolution, commercial mediation and contract negotiation. I have extensive experience working with and understanding different perspectives in startups and innovation conversations, including intergating entrepreneurs’ strong ambitions, founders fears related to ownership and the difficulties arising from egocentric driven management. I believe in diversity and the power of integrating different perspectives for the resolution of complex challenges the world is currently facing.  I am a strong believer in humanity’s capacity to mutually benefit and progress through collaboration and I passionately work to facilitate the emergence of underlying opportunities which often arise from the resolution of tensions.

My practice currently focuses on mediating difficult conversations between startups, science, and stakeholders in the IT and innovation space and educating entrepreneurs on how to build and maintain open, creative, successful, and mutually beneficial partnerships and human relationships.

Emergence Mediation: helps transform felt division into creative and resilient solutions the parties will stick with for a long-time

Early Partnership and symbiotic collaboration design: contracts shouldn’t be the beginning of a relationship, start with a solid trust and purpose alignment.

Collaboration Tools and Personal Coaching: understand the principles sorrounding human conflicts, learn how to use tools which help create effective collaborations and  create a culture for your venture built around symbiotic relationships.

What Clients say about Alessandro

“Alessandro provides comprehensive, strategic, forward thinking expertise and was instrumental in the legal architecture of our operation. He is quick to assess and coordinate, going out of scope to deliver the best possible outcome for us, while dealing with regulatory agents swiftly and successfully. I cannot express more confidence in his abilities.”

Paul Mak

Lead Investment Partner, Crypto Concierge

“Knowledgeable, fast and pleasant. I’ve worked pleasantly with Alessandro and would recommend him to anyone. Alessandro distinguishes himself by understanding disruptive technologies and current, and future, demands from legal bodies worldwide.”

Lucas Roorda

COO, Blockeys

“I would definitely recommend working with Alessandro. His work is solid, he is quick and super flexible. He knows how startups work which was a big advantage for us.”

Nick de Bruijn

CEO & Founder, Favor App

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