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Where tech meets law.

I help startup and innovative companies achieve their expansion goals through strategic legal advice. I work together with clients to find solutions to the problems of the next generation.

Specialised Startup Legal Consulting

Intellectual Property Strategy, Commercial Agreements, Partnerships, Data Control and Privacy Compliance.

Contract Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Drafting Commercial Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Resolution of Contractual Disputes, Negotiation of Contractual Terms.

Blockchain Technology and Crypto Projects

International Compliance, open-source licensing and protection of IP, legal documentation for Coin generating event, Crypto Investors’ Relations.

Building the Future together

I work closely with blockchain and other innovative projects to help them develop next generation products and services.

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Trusted Legal Partner for your Blockchain Project

Distributed technology has no territorial boundaries, so you need a legal partner with a broad understanding of different jurisdictions and laws to guide you.

I have experience advising developers and entrepreneurs from different jurisdictions on several matters related to their Blockchain-based projects including:


  • Project Feasibility and Compliance with Applicable Laws
  • Open source Licensing and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Structuring Coin Functionalities
  • International Corporate Structuring
  • Legal documentation related to Coin Distribution
  • Listing on Crypto Exchanges
  • Relationship with Investors and Project’s Contributors

About Alessandro

Alessandro Mazzi

Alessandro Mazzi

Alessandro is an International Legal Consultant with a passion for distributed ledger technologies and disruptive businesses. Before diving into startups and Blockchain, he worked for international law firms in China and Australia where he focused on international dispute resolution, arbitration and commercial contract negotiation. Alessandro has experience working with and understanding different jurisdictions, a skill that made him unique in the field of distributed technologies legal consulting. He is currently focusing his practice on blockchain technology companies and innovative tech startups. He is not only an advisor but an active strategist and partner with several companies.

For your decentralized project you need a decentralized partner with a broad understanding of the legalities related to distributed ledger technologies.

Coin generating events: Feasibility of your Crypto-currency project and compliance with applicable laws, developing Coin functionalities, Coin sale legal documentation and disclaimers

Intellectual Property Strategy: Compliance with different open source licenses, protection of your source code, structuring Licensing agreements with third parties

Project’s support: On-going legal support, relationship with investors and partners, listing on Crypto exchanges, communication with supervisory authorities.

What Clients say about Alessandro

“Alessandro provides comprehensive, strategic, forward thinking expertise and was instrumental in the legal architecture of our operation. He is quick to assess and coordinate, going out of scope to deliver the best possible outcome for us, while dealing with regulatory agents swiftly and successfully. I cannot express more confidence in his abilities.”

Paul Mak

Lead Investment Partner, Crypto Concierge

“Alessandro advised us during our coin sale which took place in a highly regulated jurisdiction. He over delivered in every way and continues to support every time his assistance is needed. He saved us from many mistakes that were not obvious but could have been devastating to the project. We will use him for all of our future legal needs.”

Steve McCullah

Co-founder and PR, Apollo Foundation

“Knowledgeable, fast and pleasant. I’ve worked pleasantly with Alessandro and would recommend him to anyone. Alessandro distinguishes himself by understanding disruptive technologies and current, and future, demands from legal bodies worldwide.”

Lucas Roorda

COO, Blockeys

“His work is solid, he is quick and super flexible. I would definitely recommend working with Alessandro. His work is solid, he is quick and super flexible. He knows how startups work which was a big advantage for us.”

Nick de Bruijn

CEO & Founder, Favor App

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